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Version: 1.0

OwnCloud Getting Started

OwnCloud is a self-hosted file sync and share server software. It provides access to your data through a web interface, sync clients or WebDAV while providing a platform to view, sync and share across devices easily — all under your control. OwnCloud’s open architecture is extensible via a simple but powerful API for applications and plugins and it works with any storage

If you have installed Websoft9 OwnCloud, the following steps is for your quick start


  1. Get the Internet IP of your Server on Cloud
  2. Check your Inbound of Security Group Rule of Cloud Console to ensure the TCP:80 is allowed
  3. Complete Five steps for Domain if you want to use Domain for OwnCloud
  4. Get default username and password of OwnCloud

OwnCloud Initialization

Steps for you

  1. Using local Chrome or Firefox to visit the URL https://domain or https://Internet IP, access to login page

  2. Fill in the login information(Don't know password?)

  3. Click 【login】, it has been installed successfully.

Refer to OwnCloud admin_manual to get more details

Having trouble?

Below is for you to solve problem, and you can contact Websoft9 Support or refer to Troubleshoot + FAQ to get more.

**Does NextOwnCloudcloud support using object storage as a network disk? **

Yes, reference configuration

Can I have online document editing and preview in OwnCloud?

The image is pre-installed with OnlyOffice docs, which can realize online document editing and preview through configuration, reference configuration

OwnCloud QuickStart

OwnCloud Setup

Configure SMTP

  1. Get SMTP related parameters in the mailbox management console

  2. Log in OwnCloud console as administrator, go to 【admin】>【Setting】>【Personal】>【General】, set send to Email address

  3. Go to【Setting】>【Admin】>【General】>【Email Server】, select smtp for send mode and fill in the suitable smtp configuration

  4. Click "Send email" to test your SMTP settings

DNS Additional Configure(Modify URL)

Complete Five steps for Domain ,Set the URL for Nextcloud:

  1. Modify OwnCloud configuration file
    'overwrite.cli.url' => '', # Set it to your new domain
  2. Restart PHP-FPM service

Set Language

Log in owncloud, go to【Personal】>【General】 and set your language

OwnCloud install apps

Owncloud Marketplace have lots of extensions(apps), the following is the step for installing apps

  1. Visit Marketplace, find the app you want to use(e.g OwnBackup)
  2. Download and unzip it
  3. Upload to the ownCloud application directory: /var/lib/docker/volumes/owncloud_owncloud/_data/apps, and change the owner and group user of the directory to www-data
  4. Enable OwnBackup

You can install Marketplace's apps online from the OwnCloud console also

OwnCloud external storage

The External Storage Support application enables you to mount external storage services and devices as secondary OwnCloud storage devices. You may also allow users to mount their own external storage services.

  1. Log in OwnCloud console, install External storage support application

  2. Open【Admin】>【Add storage】>【External Storage】, select an external storage service

  3. Set it

More details please refer to External Storage

Reference sheet

The below items and General parameter sheet is maybe useful for you manage OwnCloud

Run docker ps, view all containers when OwnCloud is running:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                              COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                       PORTS                                                  NAMES
47ea9a709b5d onlyoffice/documentserver:latest "/app/ds/run-documen…" About an hour ago Up About an hour 443/tcp,>80/tcp, :::9002->80/tcp onlyofficedocs
cd2792a962d0 phpmyadmin:latest "/docker-entrypoint.…" About an hour ago Up About an hour>80/tcp, :::9090->80/tcp phpmyadmin
c2cce00268eb owncloud/server:latest "/usr/bin/entrypoint…" About an hour ago Up About an hour (healthy)>8080/tcp, :::9001->8080/tcp owncloud
bdfde6911911 mysql:5.7 "docker-entrypoint.s…" About an hour ago Up About an hour (healthy)>3306/tcp, :::3306->3306/tcp, 33060/tcp owncloud-db
59fa97a29571 redis:6 "docker-entrypoint.s…" About an hour ago Up About an hour (healthy) 6379/tcp owncloud-redis


OwnCloud installation directory: /data/apps/owncloud
OwnCloud data directory: /data/apps/owncloud/data/owncloud
OwnCloud configure file: /data/apps/owncloud/data/owncloud/config/config.php
Onlyofficedocs installation directory: /data/apps/onlyofficedocs


| Port Number | Purpose | Necessity | | ------ | ------------------------------------------ --- | ------ | | 9002 | OnlyOffice Docs on Docker | Optional |


docker exec -i owncloud occ -Version


sudo docker start | stop | restart | stats owncloud
sudo docker start | stop | restart | stats owncloud-db
sudo docker start | stop | restart | stats owncloud-redis
sudo docker start | stop | restart | stats onlyofficedocs


owncloudcmd is OwnCloud CLI

owncloudcmd -h


Provisioning API