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Version: 1.0

Knowage Getting Started

Knowage is the full capabilities open source suite for modern business analytics over traditional sources and big data systems. Its features, such as data federation, mash-up, data/text mining and advanced data visualization, give comprehensive support to rich and multi-source data analysis. The suite is composed of several modules, each one conceived for a specific analytical domain. They can be used individually as complete solution for a certain task, or combined with one another to ensure full coverage of user’ requirements.

If you have installed Websoft9 Knowage, the following steps is for your quick start


  1. Get the Internet IP of your Server on Cloud
  2. Check your Inbound of Security Group Rule of Cloud Console to ensure the TCP:80 is allowed
  3. Complete Five steps for Domain if you want to use Domain for Knowage
  4. Get default username and password of Knowage

Knowage Initialization

Steps for you

  1. Using local Chrome or Firefox to visit the URL http://DNS or http://Server's Internet IP, you will enter login page of Knowage

    You can visit Knowage by the URL: http://Internet IP:8080/knowage also

  2. Log in to Knowage web console(Don't have password?), go to dashboard of Knowage

  3. Go to Profile Management->Users Management to change the password of Administrator

  4. Go 【Server Settings】>【Configuration Management】 to configure Knowage

More useful Knowage guide, please refer to Knowage Documentation

Having trouble?

Below is for you to solve problem, and you can contact Websoft9 Support or refer to Troubleshoot + FAQ to get more.

Can't get to the login page?

Because Knowage has high requirements for computing resources, although the server with 4G memory can also run, the initialization process is relatively slow, please wait a few minutes and try again.

Knowage QuickStart

Knowage Setup

Connect data source

Take connecting to MySQL as an example, log in to Knowage, enter the main panel, and select > [Data source].

Data modeling

Reference sheet

The below items and General parameter sheet is maybe useful for you manage Knowage

Run docker ps command, view all Containers when Knowage is running:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                              COMMAND                  CREATED        STATUS                 PORTS                               NAMES
3b30d327e903 mariadb:10.3 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 2 hours ago Up 2 hours>3306/tcp knowage-mariadb-server
a28572948615 knowagelabs/knowage-server-docker:8.0.0-SNAPSHOT "./ ./a…" 2 hours ago Up 2 hours (healthy)>8080/tcp knowage-server
90d49e9971bf mariadb:10.3 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 2 hours ago Up 2 hours 3306/tcp knowage-mariadb-cache
fa5d3ce16865 knowagelabs/knowage-python-docker:8.0.0-SNAPSHOT "./ gun…" 2 hours ago Up 2 hours (healthy) 5000/tcp knowage-python
7fbfe56727d5 knowagelabs/knowage-r-docker:8.0.0-SNAPSHOT "./ r k…" 2 hours ago Up 2 hours (healthy) 5001/tcp knowage-r


Knowage installation directory: /data/apps/knowage
Knowage resource directory: /data/apps/knowage/data/resources


No special port


# Knowage Version
docker images |grep knowagelabs |awk '{print $2}' |head -1 |cut -d- -f1


sudo docker  start | stop | restart | status knowage-server
sudo docker start | stop | restart | status knowage-python
sudo docker start | stop | restart | status knowage-r
sudo docker start | stop | restart | status knowage-mariadb-server
sudo docker start | stop | restart | status knowage-mariadb-cache



Knowage API adopts the REST API 2.0 specification.
The REST API is designed to manage the lifecycle of Knowage analytical documents and datasets.