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Version: 1.0

MediaWiki Getting Started

MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki software package written in PHP. It serves as the platform for Wikipedia and the other Wiki projects, used by hundreds of millions of people each month. MediaWiki is localised in over 350 languages and its reliability and robust feature set have earned it a large and vibrant community of third-party users and developers.

If you have installed Websoft9 MediaWiki, the following steps is for your quick start


  1. Get the Internet IP of your Server on Cloud
  2. Check your Inbound of Security Group Rule of Cloud Console to ensure the TCP:80 is allowed
  3. Get default username and password of MediaWiki
  4. Complete Five steps for Domain if you want to use Domain for MediaWiki

MediaWiki Initialization

Steps for you

  1. Using local Chrome or Firefox to visit the URL https://domain or https://Internet IP

  2. Enter the username and password ([Don't know the account password?] ](./user/credentials)) to log in to Mediawiki

  3. Go to the MediaWiki backend

More useful MediaWiki guide, please refer to MediaWiki Sysadmin Docs

Having trouble?

Below is for you to solve problem, and you can contact Websoft9 Support or refer to Troubleshoot + FAQ to get more.

Can I re-install MediaWiki?

Visit URL http://Internet IP/mw-config/index.php?page=Restart&lastPage=Install to start reinstall

MediaWiki QuickStart

下面以 使用 MediaWiki 构建知识管理系统 作为一个任务,帮助用户快速入门:

MediaWiki Setup

Configure SMTP

  1. Get SMTP related parameters in the mailbox management console

  2. Edit your MediaWiki's configuration file LocalSettings.php in the root directory

  3. Search the variable $wgSMTP, set the values

     $wgSMTP = array(
    'host' => "",
    'IDHost' => "", // Email's domain name, optional
    'port' => 465,
    'auth' => true,
    'username' => "",
    'password' => "#wwBJ8"
  4. Search the variable $wgEnableEmail, set the value

    $ wgEnableEmail = true
  5. Search the variablea $wgEnableEmail, set it as your email address

    $wgEmergencyContact = "";
    $wgPasswordSender = "";
  6. Save it

  7. Restart PHP-FPM Service

  8. Test email sending

Install plugin

Refer to Manual:Extensions

Create&Edit page

Refer to MediaWiki official docs: Help:Starting_a_new_page


Refer to MediaWiki official docs: Help:Starting_a_new_page

Change interface

Changing interface includes: modify logo, set navigation, modify css and so on

Refer to MediaWiki official docs: Help:FAQ:Changing Interface

Upload files

You can't upload files from MediaWiki by default, you need to enable it first

Refer to MediaWiki official docs: Help:FAQ:Enabel Uploading


Refer to MediaWiki official docs: Help:FAQ:Language

set MainPage

Refer to MediaWiki official docs: Help:FAQ:Chage Main Page

Using Composer

Websoft9's MediaWiki have installed the Composer by default

Refer to MediaWiki official docs: Help:Composer

Reference sheet

The below items and General parameter sheet is maybe useful for you manage MediaWiki

Run docker ps command, view all Containers when MediaWiki is running:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                      COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS          PORTS                                                 NAMES
88ba09aae88d bitnami/mediawiki:latest "/opt/bitnami/script…" 11 minutes ago Up 11 minutes 8443/tcp,>8080/tcp, :::9005->8080/tcp mediawiki
9f651002908f mysql:5.7 "docker-entrypoint.s…" 11 minutes ago Up 11 minutes 3306/tcp, 33060/tcp mediawiki-db


MediaWiki installation directory: /data/apps/mediawiki
MediaWiki configuration file: /data/apps/mediawiki/data/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php
MediaWiki extension directory: /data/apps/mediawiki/data/mediawiki/extensions


No special port


sudo docker exec -i mediawiki grep -rn "MediaWiki " /bitnami/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php|awk -F"MediaWiki " '{print $2}'


sudo docker start | stop | restart | stats mediawiki
sudo docker start | stop | restart | stats mediawiki-db