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Version: 1.0

Superset Maintenance

This chapter is special guide for Superset maintenance and settings. And you can refer to Administrator and Steps after installing for some general settings that including: Configure Domain, HTTPS Setting, Migration, Web Server configuration, Docker Setting, Database connection, Backup & Restore...

Maintenance guide

Backup and Restore

Superset Upgrade

You can upgrade as follows:

cd /data/apps/superset
sudo docker compose down
# such as: upgrade version=2.0.1
sudo sed -i 's/APP_VERSION=.*/APP_VERSION=2.0.1/g' /data/apps/superset/.env
cd /tmp && sudo git clone
cd superset && sudo git checkout 2.0.1
sudo rm -rf /data/apps/superset/src/docker
sudo cp -r docker /data/apps/superset/src
cd /data/apps/superset
sudo docker compose up -d

This upgrade method is only for reference, and it may not be successful in the case of a large version span, please contact customer service.


In addition to the Superset issues listed below, you can refer to Troubleshoot + FAQ to get more.

Install database drivers error "[Errno 13] Permission denied"?

You should running Superset container by command docker exec -it --user root superset_app bash, then instal drivers

I am sure use correct password, but Superset Invalid login?

Error information: Invalid login, Please try again
Reason: need more research
Solution: Run the command cd /data/wwwroot/superset && docker-compose restart to restart all containers


Does Superset support multiple languages?

Yes, but dev version only English

How can I running Superset container as root user?

docker exec -it --user root superset_app bash

How to change the permissions of filesytem?

Change owner(group) or permissions like below:

chown -R superset.superset /data/wwwroot/superset
find /data/wwwroot/superset -type d -exec chmod 750 {} \;
find /data/wwwroot/superset -type f -exec chmod 640 {} \;

Does Google Authentication support it?

SuperSet only provides email login by default, and more login methods need to refer to:Flask-AppBuilder