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Version: 1.0

Seafile Maintenance

This chapter is special guide for Seafile maintenance and settings. And you can refer to Administrator and Steps after installing for some general settings that including: Configure Domain, HTTPS Setting, Migration, Web Server configuration, Docker Setting, Database connection, Backup & Restore...

Maintenance guide


In addition to the Jenkins issues listed below, you can refer to Troubleshoot + FAQ to get more.

How can I use the logs?

You can find the keywords Failed or error from the logs directory: /data/logs

You can also use docker command to check error logs:

docker logs seafile
docker logs seafile-mysql

Seafile upload file error?

You should set the your correct Seafile host after deployment, otherwise you can't upload any files

  • SERVICE_URL:http://Internet IP of Server
  • FILE_SERVER_ROOT:http:/Internet IP of Server/seafhttp

Seafile Host settings

完成文档服务器配置,Seafile 仍然无法编辑和预览文件?

问题原因:SERVICE_URL 与实际不符
解决方案:需登录控制台的系统设置,修改 SERVICE_URL 为实际值

完成 ONLYOFFICE Docs 配置,Seafile 编辑和预览显示错误 “文档安全令牌未正确形成”?

问题原因:ONLYOFFICE docs 安全设置过高
解决方案:需修改 ONLYOFFICE docs 编排文件中的环境变量 JWT_ENABLED,设置为 false

container_name: onlyoffice-docs
image: onlyoffice/documentserver:6.0.2
stdin_open: true
tty: true
restart: always


Seafile support multi-language?

Yes, more than just Chinese and English

为什么要推荐使用企业版 Seafile?

企业版用户拥有很多社区版没有的功能,如下: Seafile企业版社区版功能对比

如何购买 Seafile 企业版才有优惠?

通过 Websoft9 购买有优惠,欢迎联系我们客户成功团队

为什么采用 Docker 方式部署 Seafile?


How Seafile connect with MariaDB/MySQL?

Container internal connection, container orchestration

How can Seafile view & edit file online?

You should complete the OnlyOffice setting on your Nextcloud.

Seafile 支持手机客户端吗?


Seafile 功能分类?

Seafile 是一款开源的企业网盘,作为企业网盘,主要用于网络存储和管理文件,以及文件共享和协同办公:

  • 用户和分组管理,用于用户管理,和成员分组统一管理
  • 文件和文件库管理,用于文件的管理和分类,并通过查看文件的历史信息了解文件的版本变更
  • 共享与写作,用于将文件或文件库共享给个人或群组,实现协同办公

Is it possible to modify the source path of Seafile?

Yes, but you must migrate the data to new directory

没有域名是否可以设置 Seafile HTTPS?

不可以,即如果 SEAFILE_SERVER_HOSTNAME 处设置为IP地址,会导致 Seafile 无法启动

是否支持自己上传 ca 证书?