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Version: 1.0

Redis Maintenance

This chapter is special guide for Redis maintenance and settings. And you can refer to Administrator and Steps after installing for some general settings that including: Configure Domain, HTTPS Setting, Migration, Web Server configuration, Docker Setting, Database connection, Backup & Restore...

Maintenance guide

Redis Backup

  1. Use SSH to connect Redis server, then run the SAVE on redis-cli
$ sudo docker exec -it redis redis-cli> SAVE
  1. You can find the bakcup file dump.rdb in the redis container path:  /var/lib/redis

Redis Upgrade

Refer to Redis upgrade


In addition to the Redis issues listed below, you can refer to Troubleshoot + FAQ to get more.

Can't open PID file /var/run/ (yet?) after start: No such file or directory

Problem: Run the command: sudo systemctl status redis, the status is active, but there is an error message below: Can't open PID file /var/run/ (yet?) after start: No such file or directory Reason: Redis's own service PID is occupied by other services Scenario: Check whether the self-created service occupies the default service

Port occupied?

If running multiple Redis instances, make sure that the ports in the configuration files of each instance are different, otherwise the ports will be occupied.


What is the Redis client?

Redis client is a program used to communicate with Redis-Server, for example: redis-cli is client tool

Does Redis need a password to log in?

No password authentication required

What is Redis default user?

Redis have not users

Redis supports multiple databases?

Multiple redis instances can be run on a server. Each instance has 16 databases, the default is db0.

Redis DataBases

redis-cli how to change database

# Interactive mode (no password verification), immediately entering the standby state of the CLI
$ sudo docker exec -it redis redis-cli>

# Change default database 0 to 1
redis> SELECT 1

Redis Communication Version vs Redis Enterprise Version

  • Redis Communication Version: High performance data caching service compatible with open source redis, suitable for standard redis usage scenarios without special business requirements.
  • Redis Enterprise Version: The Enterprise version of redis service developed on the basis of redis Community Edition has launched a variety of different forms of products based on DRAM, NVM, ESSD cloud disk and other storage media from the three core dimensions of access delay, persistence requirements and overall cost, so as to provide you with stronger performance, more data structures and more flexible storage methods to meet the business requirements in different scenarios.

What data structures does Redis support?

Redis is not a plain key-value store, it's data structures server, supporting different kinds of values

Is there a web-GUI tool for Redis?

Yes, installed RedisInsight

Is it possible to modify the source path of Redis?


Modify the RedisInsight access port?

Edit the Redis environment variable file /data/apps/redis/.env and modify the value of [APP_GUI_PORT]

Can't connect Redis from remote?

  1. Check your Inbound of Security Group Rule of Cloud Console to ensure the TCP:6379 is allowed
  2. Check your Redis configuration file that Redis allowed from Internet

Is there a web version of the visual management tool?

Official visual management tool installed: RedisInsight